Paprika Southern - Inspiring Creative and Intentional Living in the South
Paprika Southern - Inspiring Creative and Intentional Living in the South

Inspiring Creative & Intentional Living

We appeal to a woman who seeks out content that goes beyond the surface and who appreciates art and beauty in all aspects of life. Our reader is as interested in beautifully decorating her own home as she is in viewing great works of art. She appreciates fashion as much as an historic chateau. She catches up on design blogs before diving into a classic work of literature. Her world encompasses that which is beyond herself, but she revels in and attempts to elevate the quotidian. Paprika Southern helps her do just that.


Our Story

Paprika Southern is a quarterly publication dedicated to inspiring creativity and intention in everyday life. In our pages you will find lush visuals and thoughtful writing, as well as a commitment to inclusivity. We offer a curated view of the most innovative tastemakers, trends and art of the South, with an emphasis on the creative industry. Equally as important as the quality of our content is the quality of our product, and Paprika Southern is printed in the USA on heavyweight paper with a luxe cover, resulting in a volume you’ll want to display on your coffee table for years to come. Released seasonally, our content focuses on  the artists, entrepreneurs and tastemakers who contribute to contemporary southern culture, as well as seasonal fashion and lifestyle content.

 The idea for the magazine was hatched on a winter evening in Savannah, Georgia over a glass of wine (Bevin) and a PBR tallboy (Siobhan).  Immediately entranced by the idea of a southern art and lifestyle magazine for the creative, intellectually curious, and style-oriented belle or beau, we pledged to make it a reality.  The first online issue launched in June of 2013.

We believe that in this age when there is so much digital content available online, the value of the printed object soars. With an intent to to produce a beautifully printed and bound volume that will become a keepsake to collect and treasure, we successfully funded a Kickstarter project and launched our first print issue in fall of 2015. Click here for back issues and subscription information.



Paprika is a distinctive spice beloved in southern cooking.  Like the Paprika reader, it can be sweet or it can be spicy.  Although paprika is not native to the American South, it has been adapted into the cuisine and culture of the South, even as many southern dwellers transplanted from other regions have made the South their home.