• Escape to Summer

    Escape to Summer

    Palm Springs-inspired summer fashion
  • Hidden Histories

    Hidden Histories

    Filling in the blanks of America’s visual past and the art of Cedric Smith
  • Summer in the City

    Summer in the City

    A tropical urban oasis with recipes for all your summer entertaining
  • Summer Tastemakers

    Summer Tastemakers

    Holly L’Oiseau, Carrie Christian, Julianne Taylor
  • Sweet Delights

    Sweet Delights

    Beauty looks inspired by summer’s sweet treats

Summer 2017

The Summer 2017 issue of Paprika Southern features a profile of artist Cedric Smith, an interview with author Sarah Domet, Palm Springs-inspired summer fashion, a tropical urban tablescape with recipes, a look at how to incorporate wall trends into your interior decor, and much more.

Paprika Southern is a quarterly publication dedicated to inspiring creativity and intention in everyday life. In our pages you will find lush visuals and thoughtful writing, as well as a commitment to inclusivity. We offer a curated view of the most innovative tastemakers, trends and art of the South, and we invite you to join our journey.

Paprika Southern Summer 2017 - Creativity, Intention, Inspiration - Art & Style in the South